- Expertise -


The office comprises prominent lawyers in the fields of Civil and Insurance Laws, Oil and Gas, Commercial, Arbitration, Maritime, Banking, and International and Companies Laws.  We are also specialized in the fields of Conflict of Laws, Nationality, Arbitration, Status of Foreign individuals and investors. 

We are experts in all International Contracts and specifically where the Public sector is involved. 

We also specialize in drafting Management Agreements for Hotels and advice on different issues pertaining to Hotel operation. 

We are consulted for Urban and Construction projects developing master plans within the Tourism Industry or as part of developing Real Estate projects.
While doing so we are involved in the documentation and licenses needed from the related authorities.


- Business   Management -


We provide solutions for restructuring and new businesses specially when Foreign Investors are involved, give advices on mergers and acquisitions, incorporate companies in different fields and apply for the needed operating licenses.

We also act as Trustees or Administrators for active joint ventures whenever there is a need to fulfill national requirements in different sectors of activities or when our Clients requests us to supervise the launch of the business and to be at arms length with the local management.

We are involved in the yearly life span and documentation of many companies in the field of  "Shipping and Freight Forwarding- Franchise and Restaurant Activities- Hotel Management- Factories and assembly lines..."

- Human   Resources -

We are experts in Human Resources and advice on Labor Law, we are involved in the recruitment process and/or the end of contract of individual workers. 
We also give advice on the best management techniques to optimize the labor force of companies, our role can be limited to give an opinion on a draft of an employment contract, to the supervision of the entire Human Resources Department involving:

- The creation of Internal regulations

- Putting a system to monitor attendance and efficiency of the staff

- Management of all legal documents of the employees and their files

- Being in charge of the Social Insurance register with the Government

- Dismissal of the employees when needed

- Monitoring probation periods and contract extensions...


- Conflicts   resolution   approach -


We are Experts on Mediation which is the modern approach to solve conflicts and corporate governance issues, the emphasis is always to find the best way to solve conflicts effectively and with the less possible harm to the parties.

We always advise our clients to have a very well drafted Arbitration clause that can allow for applicable final verdicts. We act as lawyers and as Arbitrators depending on the case and are always involved in the selection of the Arbitration Panel.


Accordingly, we tend to avoid lengthy and costly litigations in front of local courts unless this is inevitable. In this concern, we have a litigations department that follow court cases in different levels of jurisdictions.

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